Mary Berent

Weaving Workshop Instructor


A Two-day or Three Day Workshop by Mary Berent

This workshop will concentrate on design as an entire process; each segment of the circle contributes to a well-designed item. We will start the design process from many points in the process, but always come full circle to complete the design. The workshop will cover proportion of patterns and fibers, color theory and how working with yarn is different from mixing paint colors, how value and optical illusions can work for you, and how to effectively use interesting fabric structures. This will be a lively workshop with lots of variety and options.

Participants will bring a loom pre-warped to specific instructions. Each loom will be a different color and there will be a variety of structures to provide an opportunity for “round robin” samples experimenting with various colors, values and textures on the looms. Weave structures will also be covered and if computers can be available for those interested in learning more about computer drafting and the possibilities that opens.

This workshop is intended to be fun as well as informative! We will have three VERY full days of learning and designing, so come with all your questions and problems and we’ll have a three-day design adventure!

This workshop is intended for beginning to intermediate weavers (those who can warp the loom from written instructions and who understand basic drafting). Participants will come with looms pre-warped. A $20 per participant lab fee will cover a binder for samples, notes and about 36 pages of handouts. Workshop limited to 20 participants.

Equipment and facilities to be provided include: A room of suitable size for the number of participants, very good lighting, tables for looms plus one table for instructional materials, chairs for all participants plus a couple of extras, one bobbin winder, one swift, one ball winder, a blackboard, chalk and eraser. If a computer is available, some weaving software can be demonstrated if there is interest.

Bring: Pre-warped loom, scissors, other small loom stuff, pencil, paper, shuttles for your loom that will stay with your loom, all sorts of weft yarn for experimenting on your loom and other looms, a mug (not paper), a cone or skein of yarn you would like to use in a design project. You may wish to bring a chair or stool for more comfortable weaving at table looms. Optional: A sewing pattern or large picture of something you would like to design fabric for, other design challenges.

I will provide the drafts by mail ahead for threading the looms and a notebook with about 36 pages of handouts ($20 lab fee per participant as above), and a willingness to teach.

A three-day workshop is $1200, two-day workshop is $950 plus transportation, room and board. I am delighted to stay with a weaver, but request my own room. I have no allergies and I am not fussy about meals.