Mary Berent

Weaving Workshop Instructor

Mary Berent

769 N. Grey Pebble Way
Eagle, Idaho 83616
January 2007

Highlights of Qualifications

  • HGA Master Weavers Certificate, 16-Shaft Advancing Twill
  • an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of weaving, spinning & knitting techniques & trends
  • straightforward and reliable with a high regard for truth and honesty
  • experienced in writing, public speaking and teaching
  • compassionate and interested in people
  • talent for conceptualizing and developing the essential substance of a project
  • boundless energy 

Experience Summary

Technical Fiber Skills

  • extensive knowledge of weaving structure and achieving texture and pattern in fabric
  • thorough understanding of yarn construction, chemical finishes and dyes
  • solid working knowledge of hand and machine knitting, including ‘deviation’ from patterns
  • basic skills in crochet and kumihimo
  • excellent personal and professional relationships with national and international fiber authorities

Effective Communication Skills

  • conduct workshops throughout the United States on fabric design and weaving
  • wrote a column, Weaver’s Whimsy for Weaver's, a magazine with international circulation
  • an active sense of humor

Computer Skills

  • thorough working knowledge of both Macintosh and PC computers
  • very familiar with weaving design programs including Fiberworks and WeaveIt
  • own, operate and have researched computer aided/assisted looms

Highly Organized

  • ability to keep classes on schedule while allowing for individual expression
  • an aptitude for successfully working on multiple projects
  • ability to prioritize needs and time demands for peak efficiency


Work History

1980-present: Self employed Fiber Artist

1994-present: Self employed Urban Planner (PT) Cities of Eagle, Star & Middleton

2006-2007 President Boise Weavers Guild

1995-1997: President Boise Weavers Guild

1992-1994: Planning & Zoning Commissioner City of Eagle

1988-1989: Assistant to City Clerk (PT) City of Eagle

1982-1983: President Boise Weavers Guild

1980-1980: Space Planner/Drafter State of Idaho

1979-1979: Planning Technician Ada Planning Assn.

1977-1979: Planning Technician City of Pocatello



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art, Monmouth College, 1974.

Associates Degree in Drafting, Idaho State University, 4.0 GPA 1976.

Graduate level studies, Fine Art, University of Tennessee, 4.0 GPA 1974-1976.

Graduate level studies, Fine Art, Boise State University, 4.0 GPA 1991-1992.

Certificate of Excellence-Handweaving Level I, Handweavers Guild of America 2004

Certificate of Excellence-Handweaving Level II, Handweavers Guild of America 2006

Educational Workshops Related to Weaving:

Nancy Hoskins-Stitchery on the Loom; Clotilde Barrett-Summer and Winter; Jenny Poore-Yarn Design; Sharon Alderman-Drafting for Weavers; Anita Mayer-Loom Shaped Clothing; Sharon Alderman-Fabric Design; Mary Elizabeth Laughlin-Combined Weaves; Priscilla Gibson Roberts-Spinning for Knitting; Priscilla Gibson-Roberts-Knitting in the Old Way; Susan Snover-Rags; Madelyn van der Hoogt-Coverlets; Shirley Medsker-Rugs; Karen Selk-Sumptuous Silk Clothing; Eileen Shannon-Weekend Wardrobe on One Warp; Linda Heinrich-Linen Workshop; Donna Sullivan, Color for Handweavers; Malin Selander-Swedish Swatches; Bobbie Irwin-Weaving With Space Dyed Yarns; Nell Znamerowski, Color and Design; Barbara Walker, Supplemental Warp; Doramay Keasby; Rainbows, Shadows and Illusions; Bonnie Inouye, Advance!

Professional Affiliations:

Member and past Idaho State Representative, Handweavers Guild of America; 28 year member and past president, Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley; Member, Complex Weavers.



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Contribution to The Best of Weavers, Huck Lace, published 2000

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