Mary Berent

Weaving Workshop Instructor


A Two-Day or Three-Day Workshop by Mary Berent

Supplementary warp, or supplemental warp is a technique that opens a world of fabulous design possibilities. It allows the weaver to plan complex patterns that can be woven with only one shuttle.

This workshop is a “round robin” style workshop where students bring pre-warped looms and weave samples on the other looms at the workshop as well. Workshop lectures will include information on: warping techniques specific to using supplemental threads, controlling tension on the supplemental warp, appropriate setts for supplemental warps, turning familiar drafts and creating new drafts specifically suited to this technique. While some simple designs are possible on two harnesses (shafts) this technique really blooms to its full potential with four or more harnesses (shafts). Supplementary warp projects are possible on table looms and two warp beams are not required as there are many innovative methods of tensioning the additional warp threads.

This workshop is intended for beginning to intermediate weavers (those who can warp the loom from written instructions and who understand basic drafting). Participants will come with looms pre-warped. A $20 lab fee per participant will cover a binder for samples, notes and about 36 pages of handouts. Workshop limited to 20 participants.

Equipment and facilities to be provided include: a room of suitable size for the number of participants, very good lighting, tables for looms plus one table for instructional materials, chairs for all participants plus a couple of extras, one bobbin winder, one swift, one ball winder, blackboard, chalk and eraser or whiteboard with markers.

Each student will need to bring to the workshop: A loom warped according to instructions, weft yarn for that loom, shuttle(s) for that loom, basic weaving equipment (threading hook, scissors, tapestry needle, paper and pencil for note taking, masking tape), and most important, a willingness to learn!

I will provide the drafts by mail ahead for threading the looms and a notebook with about 36 pages of handouts ($20 lab fee per participant as above), and a willingness to teach.

A three-day workshop is $1200, two-day workshop is $950 plus transportation, room and board. I am delighted to stay with a weaver, but request my own room. I have no allergies and I am not fussy about meals.